Alliance Bus Group offers an extensive line of products that enable operators to protect the safety of the passengers and drivers from COVID-19 on their buses by helping to…

Anti-Covid-19 Products by Bus Stop Coronavirus


Stop The Spread Of Bacteria with

PureVista Gas Decontamination System for Buses & Commercial Vehicles

Stop The Spread Of Covid-19 with

ClearChoice Driver’s Compartment
Cough & Sneeze Barrier System

4-Step Green-Light Plan

We recommend a comprehensive four step plan-of-attack to stop the spread of the virus and thereby eliminate it.

Step 1.

Stopping the spread of Coronavirus starts with a thorough decontamination of the interior of the vehicle. A true gas is more effective than anything else you can use to sterilize your vehicles because unlike surface wiping, spraying or dry-fogging, a gas penetrates everywhere, including deep into fabrics. That is why we offer

PureVista Bus Decontamination System

  • It is fast, easy & economical to use
  • It sanitizes, disinfects & sterilizes
  • It leaves your vehicle smelling clean and fresh

Step 2.

The bus operators must be protected. Your drivers are in a vulnerable location as passengers board the bus. Physical barriers provide the second layer of protection from the spread of Covid-19 and other virus’. To accomplish that we offer

ClearChoice Driver’s Compartment Cough Barriers

  • -These partitions are available in a variety of configurations
  • They are adaptable so they can be installed in a wide range of vehicles

Step 3.

Next you want to ensure that your passengers are social distancing. We offer a variety of products for the bus passenger seating area, including

  • Seat Row Sneeze Barriers for Freedman Seats

  • Antimicrobial Grab Rail Covers

  • Seat Social Distancing Bands

  • Face Mask Requirement Signage

Step 4.

Finally you need to ensure that the air circulating within the bus is as safe as possible. The means we offer to accomplish that are a) Plasma Technology, b) Ultraviolet Sterilization, and c) Photocatalytic Purification Filtration. Check out our various

ABG Air Conditioning Purification Systems

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Products that enable operators to protect the safety of the passengers and drivers on their buses by helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 In transportation equipment.

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